5 New trends for glass doors

Doors can make a beautiful impact on the interior and exterior areas of your home. People have been experimenting with door trends and one trend that has stood out among the rest are glass doors. Although glass doors have been around for a while, new designs have made them an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Here are 5 new trends for glass doors:

Expansive glass

If you’ve installed glass doors, continue the trend by installing glass windows above the doors. The glass makes for a great view and a warm home. Expansive glass creates a large open space that allows a lot of light into the room. They also create an open feeling as you are no longer closed off to nature.

Folding glass doors

Folding doors are convenient to use and create a wide-open space. Why not add to the advantages by making your folding doors glass? These doors already provide you with the opportunity to open your house up to natural light and outside air. Now, with the addition of glass, they can leave you feeling at one with nature even when they are closed.

Stained glass doors

If you’re into the traditional style, stained glass doors are for you. Whether it is a large statement piece that takes up most of the door or small panels on the side for a subtle unique look, stained glass is in. This trend combines traditional with artsy, and we’re all for it!

Decorative glass doors

The decorative glass door trend is very similar to stained glass. Use opaque glass and elements such as iron gilding to create a beautiful monochromatic decorative pattern that will have your guests talking from the moment they walk up to your door.

Dual pane glass doors

If you’re into energy efficient home elements, you should consider dual pane glass doors. These doors use low-emissive coatings that help to control the temperature in your home, decreasing the need for heaters and aircons.

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