We Install Sliding Glass Doors

We install sliding glass doors and the best in Centurion and surrounding areas. Our 15 years combined experience was a key aspect to our management team that quite easily identified the need for a niche company.

Deciding on whether to have your existing glass doors and windows replaced or perhaps have them newly installed is not an easy decision. We are the best when it comes to installing sliding glass doors and we want you to identify if your current items are in need of replacement.

Below we’ve outlined 6 ways to identify if your windows or doors need replacing.

How do you know when your windows or doors need replacing?

1. Drafts

If you find that temperature inside your home is cooler in a certain place, your windows or doors might be failing. Adding extra heat insulation is only a temporary measure. If you want to stop heat from escaping permanently, you might need to have the window replaced.

2. Condensation

When you find that a significant amount of dust and grime builds up in between your glass windows, your window structure needs replacing.

3. Noise

Hearing every noise on the street below your windows or doors, could be a sign of a draft. Older glass windows with wooden frames are more prone to drafts and noise pollution than newer ones.

4. Damaged, difficult to use or old beyond repair

When the frame won’t open and close smoothly, it could be bent or warped. Stuck windows are a sure sign that the window needs replacing. Old item repair costs might outweigh the replacement costs. New home windows and doors will give your home a fresh new look.

5. Energy costs

If your electricity bills have been steadily climbing, replacement windows could assist. Replacing your sliding glass windows can help you reduce the amount that you’re spending on electricity costs monthly by making your home more energy efficient.

6. They’re outdated

Sometimes all you want is a new look! New windows and doors will modernize your home. This gives it a whole new look in any style that suits your taste.

If you find one or more of the above happening in your home or office, we recommend that you have them replaced with sliding glass doors. We are the expert sliding glass door installers who makes use of advanced South African technology, fittings and material.

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