We Install Frameless Sliding Glass Wall

We are specialists when it comes to the installation of frameless sliding glass walls. Our systems used are FG01 and FG03. We take care to install correctly the first time. Our products are scrutinized to ensure they are of superb quality.

Frameless sliding glass walls are always sophisticated and chic. That is why they need to be kept looking crystal clear at all times to maintain their appearance.

We’ve compiled some interesting facts and tips on how to take care of your frameless sliding glass walls.

1 – What are the styles for Frameless sliding glass walls?

Some styles are; pivot walls and sliding walls or doors. Pivot doors are also known as swinging doors as they swing open and close like a normal door. Sliding doors slide open easily and unobtrusively, and are normally utilized with an expansive shower, sliding door or partitioning. A boardroom with sliding glass partitioning is ideal when only a small section is needed.

2 – What are some of the tips when installing a Frameless Glass Wall/ Door?

When installing a frameless wall/door handle, handle the glass door carefully to prevent damage. Keep tempered glass doors away from tile, marble or metal as it could scratch the glass surface.

3 - Tips when installing yourself

Frameless glass requires thicker glass and higher-quality hardware. Installation consists of measuring and marking the enclosure before drilling holes for the connecting hardware. Use an assistant to hold the door while marking, drilling and installing.

Use a covering to protect tile surfaces when drilling. Spray diamond tipped drill bits with water to keep them cool. Clean drilled holes using a shop vac, and then insert the plastic anchors that support the door hinges. Trim any anchors that protrude beyond the wall. Inspect the door after mounting to ensure positioned correctly.

4 – How to get your glass sparkling

The trick to getting your glass shining again is to mix some white vinegar with cold water – equal parts should be fine. Using a soft cloth, wipe this mixture all across your shower screen. Follow up with buffing with a clean, dry cloth. The vinegar will result in the screen shining.

Installing frameless sliding glass walls or doors not only improves the aesthetic, it increases the value of your property. There are various ways to keep the glass and mechanism in tip top shape, but it all comes down to you and your routine.

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