We Custom Fit To Your Space

Did you know that we custom fit according to your space?

We are the leading suppliers of custom fitted glass doors. We focus on the design and installation of frameless glass products. With 15 years combined experience, the management team identified the need for a niche company aimed at satisfying our client's needs.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we install our frameless glass systems right the first time. The products offered by Dreamview Glass are scrutinized for quality and reliability. This is especially true for frameless glass doors. We are proudly independent and not affiliated with any other organization. We use advanced South African technology, materials and fittings. It is commonly named FG01 and FG03 for the Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Systems. The FG02 Sliding Shutter System is expertly crafted with clear lines and a superb finish.

Starting at the beginning – Measuring before you install custom fitted glass doors

A great installation starts at the beginning with leveling and measuring the area that requires the glass. Below we’ve outlined how to check if an area is level as well as how to take measurements correctly.

The tools that you would use:

1 x Level – The correct length is required for the area to be measured.

1 x measuring tape

Plastic strips – To wedge in between gaps if any part of the wall is uneven.

Pen and paper – This is used to draw the area and make notes of adjustments to be made.

Draw a basic outline of the area that you are measuring. Using your free hand is perfectly fine and there is no need to have a perfect sketch your area. It assists with making notes of where adjustments will be made and noting the measurements for cutting of glass.

Place the level against the wall and ensure that contact is made from top to bottom. If there are any areas that have gaps, place a plastic strip in the gap to indicate the size of the adjustment to be made. Make a note on your diagram where the adjustment is needed. Include the size of adjustment that must be made.

Check the sides and the bottom of the cubicle that you are working with. Place the level at the bottom of the floor where the glass door will meet. The level should show an uneven indicator in the case of a shower. This is because the shower floor must be tilted so that water can drain.

Use the measuring tape to measure height and length. Note this on your drawing too.

Now that all measurements and adjustments are noted, take the information at hand to have the tempered glass cut to your specification.

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