Durable Frameless Glass

We supply Durable Frameless Glass and this is how to install it

Durable Frameless glass can be used in various ways to add style, sophistication and a bit of flair to any area. This glass can be used in its primary state or you can choose to add some personality to it to suit your overall aesthetic. It is not always easy to find professional suppliers for frameless glass.

Frameless glass is durable and safe. There are numerous ways that it can be used. Some suppliers of frameless glass would be more than willing to assist with installation. However, if you are an avid DIYer, then your frameless glass supplier should be able to assist with tips to install too.

Below is a simple way of installing a pool fence.

How to install a frameless glass pool fence

Safety is the most important aspect when it comes to pools and spas. The best way to promote safety is to erect a fence around the pool area. We'll show you how to install a frameless glass pool fence, guidelines on what tools are required, how to affix the mini post and how to hang the glass door.

Step 1. Check local council regulations

Before you start installing your pool fence, confirm that you comply with all of the regulations and the fence meets South African safety standards.

Step 2. Demarcate your post positions

Measure and mark where you will place the posts for the fence. Chip a nail in between the decking boards using your hammer. Make a line with the string while tying it around the nail. Run it along the length of the fence. Make sure it’s straight and tie it tightly.

Step 3. Position mini posts under the string line

Measure and mark where your mini posts should be. Place the posts under the string line. Ensure that the posts are in line with each other. Take care to keep them away from any gaps in the decking, so they can be properly secured.

Step 4. Drill and secure the mini posts

Use a cordless drill to make the holes in the decking for the mini posts. Secure all the posts to the decking using screws.

Step 5. Affix metal protectors to the mini posts

Remove the string line. At this point you place the metal rings over the top of the mini posts. This hides their screws and makes them look good.

Step 6. Place the metal plates and grips.

Push the metal plate inside all of the mini posts. This covers the screws on the side of the posts. Slide a rubber grip into each mini post. Leave part of the grip exposed so that when you place the glass fence in the post, it slides into the post.

Step 7. Place the spacers and glass panels

Insert the spacers inside the mini posts. These spread the rubber grips and make it easier to insert the glass panel. You should be wearing your glass gloves and have someone help you put the first glass panel into the mini posts.

Check that the panel is level, secure the frameless glass panels, install the other frameless glass panels, install the hinges, install the gate panel, install the hinges into the door panel, install the first part of the door latch, attach the second part of the latch, and tension the hinges.

And final step place the caps on the hinges.

Always ensure that you are safe and that you have a reliable assistant. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, it is best to get professionals, like us, to assist.

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