Why Choose Us For Shutter Door Installations

Shutter Door Installation

Dreamview Glass are the leading suppliers of sliding shutter door systems in South-Africa. Specialising in a variety of frameless glass doors and shutter door systems Dream view comes highly recommended the industry. Dreamview Glass focusses on the design and installation of top quality products. Having been in the shutter door design and installation industry for 15 years the founders of dream View glass saw the opportunity to create a niche product that requires a dynamic business approach to focus on each one of their client’s specific needs.

Why Choose Dream View?

Custom fit and top quality products

All our Shutter door products are custom designed and fitted to each client’s exact space an requirements. Added safety features like stainless steel rods in each fin adds not only value to your property but gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your families safety is taken care off. Top quality products are imported from all over the world in order to ensure the durability and reliability of all equipment installed by Dream View. Combining these top quality products costumed designed to your specific needs leave s DreamView as one of the only companies offering a safe , practical but still elegant solution for all your Shutter door needs.


One of the defining factors of Dream view is that they offer a guarantee on all products supplied. Dream View guarantees all shutter door systems designed and installed by them. This guarantee includes the elimination of rattling, stabilizes panels in closed position and 99% weatherproof which subsequently eliminates rattles and wind noise. Ou will sleep sound at night knowing that your family is taken care off, also you won’t be woken up by rattling doors.

Unique features

Dream View offers more than just design and installation. With special features like, Top track with compensating channel, sealed role-bearing wheel with nylon casing and Guiding block on bottom of panel its easy to understand why Dream View are leaders in their field. To read more about the special features of shutter door systems installed by Dream View click here.

It can without a doubt be said that Dream View is the number one consultants for all your shutter door installations needs.

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