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Glass Door Suppliers

Dream view glass supplies the best glass doors and we are known for our progressive products and outstanding service. Having been in the glass door supply business for 15 years we have built up a solid reputation that has been fostered by giving our clients guaranteed customer satisfaction. We use innovative home grown technology, source materials and fittings within our borders. Then proceed to produce our FG01 and FG03 Frameless sliding glass doors. A glass door supplier has to provide a quality product that is durable, reliable and is aesthetically pleasing. Making Dream view the best glass door supplier in the business.

As a premier glass door supplier, we have ensured our merchandise is SABS approved. We give you glass doors that will never crack or rattle. This is because these glass doors are stabilised and are 99% weatherproof; they are sound proof as well, meaning noise levels won’t affect you. These are the types of glass doors that allow you to throw stones as they are toughened, making them secure and protecting your home. Dream view is geared in pioneering glass doors that are safe and practical. If your glass doors are obscure and are not adjustable, then its time you change your supplier.

Imagine a glass door that is equipped with a unique hinge lock design guiding arm for the reduction of blind and curtain interference. Our doors have the slickest running mechanism, 18 mm adjustable top profile. In addition to the state of the art panel guide design to suit your requirements and the surfaces are easy to clean in case you have kids who like palm and finger print art. Our glass doors are reinforced and they will never deflect as they are sturdy, and boxed from all sides. You never need to worry about corrosion kudos to the end caps on the exposed profiles. Our style is second to none. We Supply the best glass doors.

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