Expert Frameless Glass Door Installation

Frameless glass doors are great and can be used in various ways to add style, sophistication and a bit of flair to any area. They are versatile and durable. These doors can be used in their primary state or you can choose to add some personality to them to suit your overall aesthetic. Frameless glass door Installation is a quick and easy process if you are a professional. Below are great benefits as well as practical ways for everyday usage.

What Are Frameless Glass Doors?​

Simply put, they are glass doors without frames. This does not mean however that they lack in durability and safety. In fact, they are stylish, modern and ultra chic. Frameless Glass doors add character and sophistication to your premises. They also add value to your property.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors


1. Retractable

It easily converts your indoor living to outdoor living and vice versa. This gives you the opportunity to save space where required.

2. Long lasting materials

The glass that is used is generally up to 5 times tougher than normal glass. This means that the glass will not break easily if you accidently bump it. It can also withstand the door being closed too hard. Frameless glass is also 99% weatherproof.

3. Noise reduction

Because there are no bulky frames, rattles and other noises are eliminated.

4. Stylish and sophisticated

These glass doors are stylish and sophisticated. They add class to your interior design and pairs very well with minimalist decor.

5. Hygienic

Glass alone is hygienic and very easy to clean. The smooth surface prevents dirt and grime from sticking and building up.

Here are some practical uses.

Showers - 90 Showers, Door, Hinged & Fixed panel and shower doors, Corner entry showers, Custom showers, Bath screen, In-line showers, Notch panel showers, Pentagonal.

Glass partitioning – Shop counters, home counters, and entrance halls.

Frameless Balustrades, Balconies, Swimming pools

Frameless stacking – Curved stacking doors, Straight stacking doors, Ultra- fold frameless stacking.

Splashbacks – Kitchen area, Bar area

If however, you would love to add some extra pizzazz to the glass, there are also a number of ways that you could do this:

Glass Painting – You can choose any design that you want that will fit in with your decor.

Sandblasting – This matches very well with any style of decor.

Tips on taking care of the glass:

  • Clean the glass periodically. This keeps it looking great and prevents scratching.

  • Listen for any sounds emitting from hinges to detect any problems early.

  • Always check that there is no water leaking.

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