Benefits Of Sliding Shutter Doors

9 Reasons why you should be using Sliding Shutter Doors – Benefits

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your glass sliding doors without having to resort to outdated methods such as curtains, drapes or blinds, then Sliding shutter doors are just the thing for you. Installing sliding shutter doors in your home could be one of the smartest things you’ve ever done because of their functionality and design benefits.

There are various advantages of using them. Before we get to the benefits, let’s unpack what they really are.

What are Sliding Shutter Doors?

The idea of sliding shutter doors is based on the combination of a sliding door, louver (the same mechanism used in blinds) and traditional shutters. A classic shutter opens primarily outwards, however in this instance the complete shutter slides from left to right. They are easy to use, attractive and extremely cost effective.


1. Indoor / outdoor flow - easy access makes everything easier

They make it easy to bring your outdoor area inside by creating a flow between the inside and outside areas of your home.

2. Space saving – No more pesky doors hanging in the way

Because it slides from left to right, space is saved by not swinging the shutter door outwards or alternatively inwards.

3. Work without a motor – cost saving for life

These doors are easy to push from side to side and do not need a motor. This means no upfront motor and maintenance purchases, which will reduce your costs.

4. Attractiveness – Ultra chic and sophisticated

These shutters are finished off with high quality materials making it look clean and trendy.

5. Easier to clean – saving you time and money

Due to the durable material it’s made from, it is easier to clean. A damp cloth is the best way to keep them looking like new.

6. Increased privacy – Say good – bye to nosy neighbours

These nifty doors block out the outside world and therefore privacy is increased.

7. No strings attached – This is literally

There are no strings attached to open and close the louver or the panels. Therefore you eliminate strings easily snapping when being yanked.

8. Assists with waterproofing – protects you from excess water

Water is lead away. It also drains any excess water that’s threatening to seep in.

9. Individual sliding panels – Giving you the opportunity to choose

This allows you to make a single opening if that is all you require at any given point.

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