Sliding Glass Wall System

Sliding Shutter System


All our frameless glass door products are custom fitted for the specific opening, and the best imported material is used to ensure durability. Toughened glass is used for safety purposes as well as for added security.


Stainless steel rod in each fin for added security. Solid aluminium used for added strength


All our systems are guarenteed. Eliminates rattles & Stabilizes panels in closed position 99% Weatherproof - eleminates rattles and wind noise

Are you looking for a unique product to maximize your space? Or you want to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living? Just imagine the ability to effortlessly eliminate walls in a matter of seconds and enjoy more fresh air and natural light. Consider our sliding glass door system, where we offer frame-less glass doors to enhance and transform the way you live.


These are unlike any other product on the market, with no frames around the glass panels; we specialize in creating an ‘open concept’ glass door system that freely slides and stacks on the side. Opening to either the inside or the outside, each panel slides independently to the left or to the right, allowing the user to partially or completely open the system. Our sliding glass doors provide clear, unobstructed views that transforms spaces and enhances open living spaces.


Be it residential or commercial, new construction or remodel, our glass doors have transformed projects all over South Africa: from private homes, to restaurants, to storefronts, to office buildings, etc. People love the ability to enjoy their space in a new and innovative way.  


Dream View Glass frame-less glass door systems instantly enhance visibility between spaces and can create a stunning indoor/outdoor living experience in any home. By eliminating a wall, replacing traditional sliding doors, our products allow homeowners the opportunity to truly reconnect with the natural environment around them.