Frameless Glass Balustrades


Dreamview Glass are specialists in unique frameless glass balustrades, we offer imppecable products, one of them being the frameless glass door.


With frameless glass balustrades you enjoy uninterrupted views and an essential connection with your surroundings, thanks to our range of frameless glass balustrades for internal and external environments, including staircases, balconies and pool fencing.


With a choice of 12mm or 15mm (outdoor) toughened glass and utilizing our specialised fittings, our frameless balustrades offer an unique alternative.



  • Recessed Balustrades

  • Side-mount Balustrades

  • Top-mount Balustrades


The Perfect View

Our Frameless Glass Balustrades give you the perfect view without any constraints. 



All our frameless glass door products are custom fitted for the specific opening, and the best imported material is used to ensure durability. Toughened glass is used for safety purposes as well as for added security.


Stainless steel rod in each fin for added security. Solid aluminium used for added strength


All our systems are guarenteed. Eliminates rattles & Stabilizes panels in closed position 99% Weatherproof - eleminates rattles and wind noise