Leading the way

Dreamview Glass are the leading suppliers of frameless glass, we specialise in a variety of frameless glass doors.


Dreamview Glass is a frameless glass specialist focussing on the design and installation of frameless glass doors and other frameless glass products. With 15 years combined experience the management team at Dream View Glass saw the need for a niche company focussing on the specific needs of the clients.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we install our frameless glass systems right the first time. When requesting a quote, please ask your consultant for a list of references.

The products offered by Dreamview Glass are handpicked for quality and reliability especially frameless glass doors. Not being affiliated to one of the bigger glass firms, we pride ourselves on being independent and providing a wide variety of products. 


Frame-less glass is all about light, air and space: and exploiting the South African weather and lifestyle. Whether set beside a pool, or as a balcony safety barrier, the pure, clean glass provides unobstructed views across a landscape garden or designed interior. Our frame-less glass professionals ensure maximum safety while the quality of our fixtures ensures our products look better for longer.

Being customer focussed is the key to the success of Dreamview Glass.



Our Frameless Systems

We specialise in the installation of frameless glass for those who want to view their world without constraints. Using advanced South African technology, materials and fittings the FG01 and FG03 Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Systems and the FG02 Sliding Shutter System is master crafted with clear lines and superb finish.