We specialise in the installation of frameless glass for those who want to view their world without constraints. Using advanced South African technology, materials and fittings the FG01 and FG03 Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Systems and the FG02 Sliding Shutter System is master crafted with clear lines and superb finish.


At Dream View Glass, our clients are our biggest asset and we’ll do everything we possibly can to keep them happy. We work cooperatively together with homeowners, pool builders, landscapers and building experts to design original, safe, fresh and functional glass, stainless steel and aluminium products for pools, stairs, balustrades and showers. We do frameless stack doors as well as security shutters and mesh.


Our vision is to fulfill our client’s requests and assure them of a perfect and functional product. Every installation will be safe, fully licensed and installed completely.Our work is executed in compliance with the relevant South African regulations and standards


Dreamview Glass are the leading suppliers of frameless glass, we specialise in a variety of frameless glass doors and and frameless glass balustrades.

Dream View Glass is a frameless glass specialist focussing on the design and installation of frameless glass doors and other frameless glass products. With 15 years combined experience the management team at Dream View Glass saw the need for a niche company focussing on the specific needs of the clients.


Sliding Glass Wall System

Sliding Shutter System

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